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In this episode of the podcast, the Tranphonx podcast (Mr.Phong Tran ) interviews Master of Science Dipanjan Das and Master of Science Olli Tiilikainen to find out more about Dipanjan Das and Olli Tiilikainen’s research project on producing low-cost-consumer-friendly AR goggles that have profound implications on today’s model of how AR can be used in the everyday life.

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MORE INFO about Dipanjan and Olli :

Dipanjan Das is a Doctoral student at the University of Eastern Finland, a technology enthusiast and optical design expert who thinks that future technologies like Extended Reality (XR), Non-fungible tokens (NFT), Blockchain, virtual currency, Metaverse will change our ways of living and interacting with the society. His specialization comes into action when any of this future technology developed as proof-of-concept research finds any potential (if exists) to the market following technology readiness levels (TRLs) thus, making the Research to Business (R2B) solutions. He has also good networking skills and people gave him the tag of ‘Networking Machine’ which he never realized. What Dipanjan thinks is, ‘If you don’t talk to others, you can’t walk with them to realize the problems and make it a solution in whatever form. In the other sphere of life, his hobbies, in order to make the work-life balance, participate in sports like football, badminton, gymnastics (currently training for the next local marathon), ice skating, and swimming. He believes that all that energy to work with technological innovations can only happen if your body and health support that.

Olli Tiilikainen is an XR enthusiast and researcher with a long experience in information technology. Since the 1980s, he has been a computer hobbyist and later professional. His interest is in bleeding-edge technologies such as XR, BCI, robotics, and AI.

Podcast 1.0

In this episode of the podcast, Tranphonx podcast (Mr.Phong Tran ) interviews Master of Science Dipanjan Das, a Junior Researcher, working at the Institute of Photonics, Department of Physics and Mathematics at the University of Eastern Finland. He is an XR development researcher and his research interests include the optical metrology side of the XR and finding suitable Human-optimized parameters for the whole Extended Reality (XR) spectrum that fits the current requirements and creating a de-facto standard for the industry players in this wide spectrum and how it will affect our future.

This is the first podcast series in the HumOR project where Dipanjan describes the overall picture and idea of the topic of Augmented Reality (AR)|Virtual Reality (VR)|Mixed Reality (MR) and how this is interdependent on other technologies and explains the impact of this future technology.  Through this podcast, very few challenges currently existing with the XR technology have been described, like parameters of optimization, etc.

Dipanjan Das also acknowledges all the partner companies, project collaborators, stakeholders, HumOR consortium members, startup ecosystem, and funders (Business Finland) to support this kind of activity in Finland and help him in supporting his current Ph.D. studies at the University of Eastern Finland.

Link to the podcast:–Biotechnology–Haptic-Technology–TRANPHONX-Podcasts-eogpdp/a-a473udi

Contact Info for Dipanjan Das
Dipanjan Das | LinkedIn

Contact Info for Olli Tiilikainen
Olli Tiilikainen | LinkedIn

Description About the  Tranphox podcast and how the podcaster describes himself:

My name is Phong Tran,

I studied Astrophysics at York University. I was very interested in it, as it gave me insights into a lot of different types of technologies and ways to think. I also met and continue to meet some very interesting people, and wanted to share with you all the stories and beautiful minds of the people I have come across along the way.

With all the best,
Phong Tran

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